Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat
Re Sa Baby Hat Baby Gifts
Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat
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Luxury Baby Gifts

The importance of baby hats

Having the proper clothing for your baby is very important. A newborn is far less capable of regulating her body temperature than us adults. Babies have only a fraction of our body mass, their internal systems are far less developed, they do not have the control over their bodies, and unlike us, they can not put on or take off a jacket to regulate their temperatures.

Because of this, it is very important for us to take over the responsability to add or remove clothing and insulation to make sure that our newborns do not get too hot or too cold.

The amount of body heat lost is mostly a function of exposed area. So when people say that the head is one of the biggest sources of heat loss, you can tell them that they are right, simply because most everything else is covered. Nearly every baby outfit will totally cover the child from the neck down, insuring that the body, limbs, hands, and feet are all covered. And putting a blanket over your baby only increases the effect. But not all outfits have a hood, and it is usually a bad idea to have a blanket right over the baby's face.

This is where our quality hand knit caps come in. These luxurious baby hats are able to cover the part of your baby that is usually the most difficult to protect, and often forgotten when their clothing was planned. Also caps are a quick and easy way to either cover or expose the head, controlling how much skin is exposed to the air.

Our Luxurious Baby Hats

The yarn used to make our Re Sa caps is spun using 30% lambswool and 70% angora rabbit fur. Angora fur is an extremely soft, fine fur with exceptional insulative properties. Between these desireable properties and the slow, difficult production of the yarn, it is considered to be a luxury item.

Hand made, unique Baby Hats

Our beautiful baby hats are quality, hand made, and held to the highest standards. Though they are produced using the same colors of yarn, because each hat is lovingly made one stitch at a time you will find that no two patterns decorating our Re Sa hats are exactly the same. Also, because they are hand made, we take the time to insure that each beautiful, unique baby hat is made to last for years. These hats make a great luxury baby gift!

Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat
Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat

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