Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat
Re Sa Baby Hat Baby Gifts
Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat
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Baby Shower Gifts

The Re Sa baby hat

Finding the right baby shower gift for a friends baby shower can be almost as difficult as finding the right gift for their birthday. Balancing an armful of variables like the price of the gift, the prestige of it, how desirable it is, and how much use it will have, all this can make the search a long and arduous process. But here at LibraKnits.com you may have reached the end of your trials.

The Re Sa baby cap can satisfy all of your requirements for finding the perfect baby shower gift. Let's explore what it can do for you.

Useful baby shower gifts

Having the proper clothing for your baby, both on hand and on the baby, is very important. A newborn is far less capable of regulating her body temperature than we adults are. Because of this, it is very important that us, as their parents, take over the responsability to insure our child maintains a comfortable body temperature. The best way to do this is to add or remove clothing and insulation.

The amount of body heat lost or retained is a result of the amount of exposed skin. Many baby outfits will totally cover the child from the neck down, and putting a blanket over your baby will also help keep her warm. But not all outfits have a hood, and it is usually a bad idea to have a blanket right over the baby's face.

This leaves the baby's head exposed to the cold air. Because of this, it is important that a parent has a hat or cap on hand. Adding a cap is an easy way to warm a baby up, since you will be eliminating one of the worst sources of heat loss for your child. Alternatively, it is also very easy to remove a cap if the child gets too warm. Certainly it is more convenient than trying to change your babies outfit.

A Beautiful Baby Gift.

The Re Sa baby hat is made using hand-dyed yarn knitted in a variety of color schemes such as Rainbow, Green Valley, Tickled Pink, Iris Garden, and Confetti. Combined so as to create unique patterns, every hat is it's own individual work of art. It will be the most beautiful baby shower gift they've ever received!

Luxurious Baby Shower Gifts

All of our baby hats are hand-crafted using yarn that is spun with 30% lambswool and 70% angora rabbit fur. Angora fur is an extremely soft, fine fur with exceptional insulative properties. However, Angora fur is difficult to harvest and process, making it somewhat of a rarity in clothing. For many years it was a luxury item much like silk, worn only wealthy individuals.

By using Angora yarn and knitting our hats without seams, we are able to create quality baby caps that are exceptionally comfortable to wear. And parents can brag about how their baby wears clothing that was hand-crafted uniquely their child.

An affordable baby shower gift

Our beautiful baby hats are quality, hand made, and held to the highest standards. Because we use only superior materials and make sure that our hats are well crafted, our prices are a little higher than others. But we feel that the added cost is a small price to pay to ensure that your friends recieve such an exceptional baby shower gift.

Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat
Unique Baby Gift Knit Baby Hat

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